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Ford Fuel Oils have been supplying lubricants and greases to the agricultural, commercial, automotive and industrial sectors for over 40 years.

As a long-standing “Platinum distributor” of Total lubricants, together with our own Lubricants Direct brand of oils, Ford Fuels can supply you with the right lubricants and additives at the right price. Major investment in our own bottling facility, as well as having our own technical department, has helped transform Ford Fuels into one of the countries market-leading lubricant suppliers and we now deliver in excess of 4 million litres per year.

Our range of lubricants include:

  • Engine oils
  • Hydraulic oils
  • Transmission oils
  • Cutting fluids
  • Industrial lubricants
  • Greases for all applications

Details of our most popular lubricants

Lithium Complex EP2

Lithium Complex EP 2 Grease

Total Tractagri HDZ 10W/40

Total Tractagri HDZ 10W/40

Hypoid EP 85W/140 GL-5

Hypoid EP 85W/140 GL-5

CleanAir Adblue 210Litres

CleanAir Adblue 210Litres

Hypoid EP 85w-150 GL-5

Hypoid EP 85w-150 GL-5

Dynatrans AC 10W

Transmission Dual 9 FE 75w-90

Multipurpose EP 2 Grease

Multipurpose EP 2 Grease

Dynatrans AC 10W

Total Trans Gear 7 80W/90 (Ep 80W/90)

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