Red Diesel

Red Diesel

Also known as Gas Oil, Tractor Diesel, 35 sec Oil or Cherry Diesel and commonly used in off-road vehicles or in commercial heating systems.

White Diesel

White Diesel

ULSD (Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel). White diesel is the standard diesel fuel that you can find in cars, vans and trucks

Renewable Fuels

Renewable Fuels

HVO is sustainable & renewable fuel which is a drop-in replacement for traditional diesel and gas oil. It can even be mixed with the fuel currently in your storage tank.

Ford Fuels Commercial

Uncompromising On Fuel Quality

Our customer base ranges from sole traders and owner drivers, right up to large councils, airports and utility companies. We understand the importance of getting your fuel delivered when you need it. Our fleet of fuel tankers gives us the flexibility to accommodate customer requirements and get it to you fast without the hassle of middle-men or delivery issues. As we are trusted in the industry, we are able to source and supply the highest quality fuel throughout the supply chain whatever business you are in.

More about our fuels...Red Diesel / Gas Oil

Red Diesel (also known as Gas Oil, Tractor Diesel, 35 Sec Oil or Cherry Diesel) gets it’s name because since 1961 it has had to be marked with a red dye as well as chemical markers (other than in circumstances where a technical marking waiver is granted). This is to prevent it’s misuse.

On the 1st April 2022 the government are making significant changes that will limit the use of Red Diesel and other Rebated Fuels in the UK…but don’t worry, Ford Fuels are here to help you through this transition, and we have alternatives available to you.

More about our fuels...White Diesel / ULSD

White Diesel, also known as ULSD (Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel) is intended for use in Diesel Engine Road Vehicles (DERV) and contains up to 7% Biodiesel.

More about our fuels...Renewable Fuels / HVO

Ford Fuels are proud to be working within the industry to help bring renewable alternative fuels to the market. HVO is one such fuel, which can reduce emissions by up to 90%. HVO is also a drop-in replacement for traditional diesel and gas oil, and can even be mixed with the fuel currently in your storage tank.

More about our fuels...Kerosene / Heating Oil

Kerosene, also known as Heating Oil or Burning Oil, is a 28 sec burning oil commonly used in oil heating systems.

More about our fuels...BetterBURN / Premium Heating Oil

BetterBURN is our Premium Heating Oil (Kerosene). It is 10% more efficient than it’s standard counterparts. You will also save on maintenance costs, as BetterBURN isn’t as harsh on the system. With that added efficiency you will be saving money in the long run, and you can also be happy to know that you are creating less CO2 emissions.

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