Ford Fuels Commercial

Uncompromising on fuel quality

Our customer base ranges from sole traders and owner drivers, right up to large councils, airports and utility companies. We understand the importance of getting your fuel delivered when you need it. Our fleet of 65 fuel tankers gives us the flexibility to accommodate customer requirements and get it to you fast without the hassle of middle-men or delivery issues. As we are trusted in the industry, we are able to source and supply the highest quality fuel throughout the supply chain whatever business you are in.

Fuels we supply include

  • Kerosene
    28 sec Kerosene is commonly used in oil heating systems.
  • Gas Oil
    35 sec Gas Oil (commonly known as red / tractor diesel) is commonly used for heating and in off-road vehicles.
  • Biodiesel
    Diesel for use in any on-road vehicle
  • Envirox Premium Diesel
    Bio-diesel pre dosed with Envirox® diesel additive.
  • Unleaded Petrol
    Good value unleaded petrol for your petrol driven fleet.
  • Premium Kerosene
    (PK) Also known as premium paraffin and is commonly used in freestanding and flueless space heaters.
Ford Fuels Commercial

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