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Why You Should Change to Fuel Cards

Businesses are discovering the massive benefits that come with switching their fleets, large and small, to Fuel Cards. Fuel Cards are more financially beneficially as they reduce price fluctuation and are also safer as drivers no longer need to carry cash or debit cards. Your bookkeeping process will speed up too, as your office team no longer need to deal with expenses reimbursements and Fuel Card expenditure will come in one detailed consolidated invoice. With our itemised VAT compatible invoice you will no longer need to chase receipts, meaning claiming your VAT back will be a much smoother process. Switching to a ‘Ford Fuels’ Fuel Card will save you time, money & hassle!

The benefits on the road...Nationwide Coverage

Our fuel cards enable you to draw fuel from 3,500+ sites nationwide at one fixed price and up to 14 days free credit. Among the 3,500+ sites, you will have access to our own strategically placed Ford Fuels filling stations. These stations come equipped with card terminals with the latest technology and high-speed commercial pumps, guaranteeing fast and convenient refuelling.

The benefits to your office team...Invoicing Made Easy

• Reduce the administration burden on your office by receiving one consolidated weekly VAT invoice, which will include every itemised transaction.

• Our HMRC approved invoices will make calculating and claiming back VAT much easier.

• Your office team will no longer need to chase VAT receipts.

• Your office team will no longer need to deal with fuel expense reimbursements.

The benefits to your pocket...Save Money & Time

• Fixed Weekly Pricing: We will send a weekly price notification every Friday. This price is then fixed no matter what the market does.

• Interest Free Credit: We will invoice you every Tuesday, for payment the following Tuesday by Direct Debit. That gives you up to 14 days interest free credit.

• More Control: You can have access to an online portal, which gives you 24/7 online account management, including the ability to stop cards and view transactions.

• Transparency: Cards can be embossed with a driver’s name or vehicle registration, depending on your requirements, allowing you to closely monitor all spending habits and adapt accordingly.

• No Management Fees: We do not charge any management fees on the account.

Find top-up locations near you...Site Locator

You will be able to plan ahead or find top up sites on the go (internet permitting) with our handy Site Locator page. Once on the page you enter your location or postcode and the site locator will ping up all the sites in the nearby area, it will even list the sites’ services and amenities.

• Mobile Device Compatible
• Desktop Compatible
• Find Nearby Sites
• Shows Site Services & Amenities

Experts ready to help...Dedicated Fuel Card Team

Our Fuel Card team are based at our Head Office in Somerset. Their department has over 25 years of experience in offering nationwide cashless refuelling, for fleets both large and small. They are dedicated to getting you your fuel where and when you need it, and are ready to answer any questions you might have.

Ford Fuels Commercial

Your Fuel Card Options

Option 1:The Keyfuels Card

The Keyfuels network is the largest of its kind giving you access to 3,500+ sites nationwide, including more than 700 HGV sites.
You can find the Site Locator below.

• Premium Sites  +0.25ppl
• MRH + 2.00ppl
• Morrisons / Applegreens +1.60ppl
• BP / Shell / MOTO/ Welcome Break +2.50ppl
• Tesco – Pump Price +5%
• AdBlue® – Pump Price +20%
• Unleaded – Pump Price +5%

Option 2:The UK Fuels Card

The UK Fuels network gives you access to 3,700+ sites nationwide, including more than 700 HGV sites.
You can find the Site Locator below.

• Band B +1.25ppl
• Band C + 1.80ppl
• Band D +2.10ppl
• Band E +4.70ppl
• Band H +2.10ppl
• Band I +2.10ppl
• Tesco / Sainsburys – Pump Price +5%
• Unleaded – Pump Price +10%
• AdBlue® – Pump Price +175ppl

(Card artwork is for illustration purposes only, your final card may vary from depiction shown)

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