Specialist Service

Specialist Service

We work closely with SLICKER RECYCLING, a 3rd party company that are experts in the field of oil waste management and recycling.

Compliant Disposal

Compliant Disposal

We take care of the legal paperwork, by providing the relevant documentation, to show that your waste has been disposed of compliantly.

Zero Waste To Landfill

Zero Waste To Landfill

We’re committed to a zero waste to landfill policy by selecting the most responsible route for all of the waste we handle.

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Waste Oil Services

We work closely with Slicker Recycling who are a market leading specialist in the collection and recycling of waste oils and hazardous workshop waste.
This helps us to providing you, our customer, with the solutions for all your waste management needs.


Waste Oil ServicesFeatures & Benefits

1/ Responsibly Disposes of Difficult Waste.
2/ Helps Reduce Your Environmental Impact.
3/ Legal Paperwork Arranged For You.

Waste Oil ServicesWaste Services We Offer

1/ Waste Oil Pump Outs (minimum of 200 Litres).
2/ Oil Filter Bins.
3/ Spent Aerosols.
4/ Fuel Filter Drums.
5/ Antifreeze/Coolant.
6/ Used Pads/Booms/Granules/Gloves/Oily Rags.

Waste Oil ServicesProducts We Supply

1/ Granules.
2/ IBC Bunds.
3/ Pads.
4/ Booms.
5/ Spill Trays.
6/ Pallets.

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