Ford Fuels Commercial

Going Greener at North Petherton

We’re very pleased to report that we have just completed work on the rebranding of our petrol station at North Petherton in Bridgewater. The site has been very successful for us over the years and the team has worked hard to establish a great reputation and repour within the community and with their customers.

This rebranding coincides with a few major developments at the site. Firstly, the retail forecourt of the site is now open 24 hours for refuelling. This has been achieved by installing 4 state-of-the-art refuelling stations at the front of the property. These new stations allow our customers to pay at the pump no matter the time of day (or night).


Secondly, at the rear of the building we now stock HVO, a renewable diesel alternative for commercial vehicles. HVO is a 100% renewable fuel that is a drop-in replacement for traditional Diesel. Renewable fuels are an important part of the UK’s drive to net zero emissions. Ford Fuels are proud to give their help and expertise in providing alternative fuels that can reduce emissions by up to 90%.


We have been working closely within the industry to help test these products to ensure they are fit for purpose and that there will be a consistent supply. Over the coming months Ford Fuels will also be increasing the number of its own vehicles that are fuelled with Renewable Diesel, as it is very important to us that our own business is sustainable.

For more information on how we can meet your renewable fuel needs please contact us directly at