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Ford Fuels is Going Greener! Renewable Fuels

Ford Fuels are looking to the future and want you to join us. We are always investing in ways to help minimise the environmental impact of our operations. Recently accredited in ISO9001, we continue to look at ways to improve upon this, including providing Renewable Fuels and giving your business the opportunity to take part in Carbon Offsetting Initiatives. HVO is a Renewable Fuel which is currently available for commercial use, but we are working with the industry to develop the technology for our domestic customers as well.

Say hello to the fuel of the future!
Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil, or HVO for short, is a 100% renewable fuel that is a drop-in replacement for traditional Diesel and Gas Oil. Renewable fuels are an important part of the UK’s drive to net zero emissions. Ford Fuels are proud to give their help and expertise in providing alternative fuels that can reduce emissions by up to 90%.