Ford Fuels Commercial

Supporting Local Teams

We have chosen to partner with Chipping Norton Rugby Club by providing them with a fossil free alternative to regular gas oil. Our aim is to promote change, sustainability and reduce emissions by using HVO as an excellent alternative. Supplying CNRFC with this product shows that emission reduction is possible with any individual, business or organisation regardless of the size and emissions footprint. We are hopeful that other organisations will notice CNRFC’s actions and follow their example. You can find out about using HVO within your commercial business by emailing

Ford Fuels are proud to be working within the industry to help bring renewable alternative fuels to the market. HVO is one such fuel, which can reduce emissions by up to 90%. Once trials are complete we plan to make these fuels available to our domestic customers (as well as are commercial ones). Subscribe to our Renewable Fuels updates below to stay informed of our progress.