TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 XTRA FUTURE XT 0W-16 is the latest top-notch engine oil designed for the newest generation of premium car manufacturers’ engines.
This innovative engine oil is particularly well-suited for use with the latest “Downsized” engines equipped with Stop & Start technologies and hybrid engines which require very fluid advanced synthetic engine oils.

TOTAL QUARTZ 9000 XTRA FUTURE XT 0W-16 relies on the latest Eco-Science Technology providing Xtra Fuel Economy, long-lasting cleanliness and protection against ageing or LSPI (Low Speed Pre-ignition) events.

Product profile:
– TOTAL QUARTZ RTB: Eco-Science Technology
– Technology claim (Base Oils): Advanced Synthetic Technology
– International Specifications: API SP | ILSAC GF-6B
– Manufacturer Specifications:
> Suitable for Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi (only stated on the TDS)